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Buildingz is an award-winning company that understands what it means to provide solutions on time and within budget to bring your vision to fruition. With our team of experts all under one roof, Buildingz handles the project from Concept to Completion. As owner-operators ourselves, we think and act just like you, from concept to completion. So, it’s no wonder that Buildingz has been a leading full-service company for interior design, architecture, procurement, project management, and capital management for more than 5 years.

Trust our project management experts at Buildingz from Concept to Completion!

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Morgan Fredoom

Facility Management Company Owner

Buildingz our business partner provides our clients with quality project management services.

Bene London

Managing Director of Real Estate

Buildingz is our outsourced development department and business partner!!!

Janette Thompson

Real Estate Fund Asset Manager

Buildingz is our go-to construction manager for our 5M SF national portfolio.

Expertise & Client Focus

Buildingz offers design development services for new construction and renovation projects for both multifamily and industrial developers. Alongside our interior design, project management, and procurement services, Buildingz offers cost-saving solutions efficiently and effectively throughout every phase of the project. We aim to be a trusted advisor through a confident customer experience that assures every client their project is in good hands.


Buildingz’s interior design team has created some of the nation’s leading designs, from ultimate luxury to simple, smart, and casual. Whether your project requires minimal updating or full-scale renovation and refresh, our design studio team is the trusted partner to bring your ideas to life.


We meticulously source qualified vendors and services for each project, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive selection. By initiating a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process, we invite these carefully vetted providers to compete for your business. This strategic approach fosters a competitive environment and guarantees the most favorable pricing and superior quality for the products and services required for your project. Our commitment to this process is unwavering as we strive to deliver exceptional value and excellence to meet your project’s specific needs.


Let us manage every step of your project and light construction, from initial planning and design, contract negotiations, and plan review through project closeout and completion. We drive performance and results until your vision and goals are accomplished. You can trust our team to deliver the project on time and on budget and understand what it truly means to be an owner.


Leverage our extensive expertise in both renovations and new construction projects. By integrating our foundational principles of being ON-Scope, ON-Budget, and ON-Schedule with innovative approaches and strategic problem-solving, we ensure that your redevelopment or new project is not only envisioned but fully realized with added value and efficiency.


Every owner has to deal with budgeting, estimating, and managing CapEx projects. Tap into the team that handles hundreds of CapEx projects per year and creates over 300 budgets per year. Work with the trusted partner that will have estimators and engineers walking the property side-by-side with ownership and creating a budget for the property, keeping the ultimate investment strategy of the asset top of mind. There is no better team to determine the actual realistic cost of that project while in due diligence than this team.


Leveraging over 25 years of relationships with lenders and investors to bring solid deals to life with structured debt and equity solutions. We approach every deal with the unique perspective of an integrated full-spectrum capital raise. We also invest in our client’s developments since we believe in the partnership approach and clients. Our high-net-worth partners always seek us for strong investment opportunities when they need to place capital. We only raise capital for deals that we would invest in for people we trust with people we trust.

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